Most of my friends are all turning 60 this year. Simply 60. Has a warm ring to it doesn’t it? Could it be the name for a popular new TV show? Perhaps a new drug; “Simply 60… Something wonderful to sooth what ails you”. I’m not sure I’m able to get my head around it quite yet.

In a few weeks it will be my turn, but on this weekend in Algonquin Park we were there to celebrate my dear (old) friend Gary’s milestone along with his wife Gill and my sweetheart (not even near 60) Alice.

What better way to enter into your sixth decade than with old friends, savouring the sheer magnitude of something much bigger than any of us (that would be you mother nature). And because this was Arowhon Pines, the food was both magnificent and plentiful. if we couldn’t eat like we did in our thirties we certainly gave it our best effort.

We tend to mark our big birthdays with something important, something that we’ll remember. Or we don’t. I’m more in the latter camp. More of a “call me from my cave when it’s over” sort of guy.

At another dining table they were celebrating a fellow’s 95th birthday. They’ve come every year to honour him (father, grandfather and great-grandfather). I think that’s wonderful. He was still pretty agile for a 95 year old and he looked like the happiest guy there. Maybe that’s the secret. Every decade is a good decade, every year is a good year. Every day a good day. Carpe diem!






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