June 3, 2017: In spite of the wettest spring I can remember, the clouds parted and the sun came out for Peter & Zoe's wedding. It was a perfect day for a wedding.

For context, Peter is the content marketing specialist at the company I own. In truth, he wears about a half dozen hats on any given day. His bride Zoe is also in marketing and I hadn't met her before yesterday but after a brief introduction and listening to her deliver her speech, clearly she's a formidable companion for Peter.

Alice and I as well as a bunch of our associates from Reliable were also invited. The ceremony took place at the Prophet Elias Greek Orthodox Church in Mississauga. The reception was at the RattleSnake Point Golf Club in Milton which looked glorious as the sun set and golden hour set in.

I brought my Fuji X100F which admittedly has been somewhat ignored as I've devoted most of my time to the X-Pro2 with interchangeable lenses. Even though these are just casual shots, as I was sifting through Lightroom, it was a reminder how incredibly difficult, technical and frustrating shooting weddings is. I have the utmost respect for wedding photographers who routinely make this look easy. Trust me, it's not.






While the project title is "Lisbon Bike Trip, there are no images of bicycles, sweaty cyclists and  thankfully you are spared the site of spandex. I have lots  of snaps taken with my iPhone during the 400 or so km we rode along Portugals coastline but non of them made the cut. 

Our daily rides spanned distances from 35km to 100km. We visited Setubal, Sesimbra, Sines, Sagres and finally Lagos before driving back to Lisbon. Portugal is a fantastic country to cycle. The motorists are generally very patient and polite. I think I had one car honk me the entire five days on the road. 


While friends and family of the guests were throwing back shots of Ouzo and snacking on a variety of tasty hors d'oeuvres, I managed to stay sober and took advantage of the beautiful light.


The sun was finally setting, our bellies were full. It was time for the old folks to head back to town and let the youngins have their party. Tomorrow Peter & Zoe are off for two weeks of spanakopita, retsina, fresh fish, sunshine and the crystal blue Mediterranean. Not a bad way to start your marriage.


Robert KahnX100F, WEDDING