What a difference a year makes. When I walked into Bang Fitness two Sunday's ago, it felt like a professional powerlifting meet was going on. How the heck did they get all of those weights up the stairs? Of course it's a silly question because it's a powerlifting meet after all. There's some seriously strong men and women in this building. Kudos to the good people at Bang Fitness and Elite Powerlifting for putting on a first class event. I'm sure glad I wasn't involved in "clean-up".

I tried to be a little better prepared for this years powerlifting event. I took an extra few minutes to make sure the lenses that I put in my camera bag were the ones I intended to put in the bag (don't remind about last year). But due to other commitments I was only there for a little over an hour. I admit it, Alice and I had a “date” on a spin bike at 1:00 pm. My time was brief but I tried to make the best of it.

There were lots of proud faces, lots of grunting and grimaces and at least one spectacular f-bomb (you know who you are ;)






This is a strictly amateur event, but you wouldn't know it from the intensity in the faces of the participants. Members of Bang and other clubs showed up early on this Sunday morning after months of preparation, they gave it their all and put on a heck of a show for the few dozen spectators.

Perhaps there will be a few of those spectators that will be inspired to hit the weights for next years event. Me, I think I'm happy as a clam behind the camera.