The beautiful people of Lisbon made this trip very special. What can you say about a city where you're met with smiles at every turn. In spite of the onslaught of tourists, Lisboetas are gracious and kind. This place could feel like home real fast.






While the project title is "Lisbon Bike Trip, there are no images of bicycles, sweaty cyclists and  thankfully you are spared the site of spandex. I have lots  of snaps taken with my iPhone during the 400 or so km we rode along Portugals coastline but non of them made the cut. 

Our daily rides spanned distances from 35km to 100km. We visited Setubal, Sesimbra, Sines, Sagres and finally Lagos before driving back to Lisbon. Portugal is a fantastic country to cycle. The motorists are generally very patient and polite. I think I had one car honk me the entire five days on the road. 


It's almost two weeks since we've been back in Toronto, yet these pictures pull me back as if by a Star Trek transporter.