I have a day job. Lately my day job is getting a little less stressful as I’m learning to delegate and take a step back from the work that’s consumed much of the last four decades of my life.

When I picked up photography in the early teens I had no idea how rewarding it would be. But it’s also a shit load of commitment and hard work; at times more than I have the bandwidth for. And as pros and amateurs know, there are times when there’s not much left in the creative tank.

Enter Patrick Laroque. Pat is my Duracell recharging pack, my photography guru and safety net all in one package. A two day session with Pat is like taking my photographic skills off of life support and putting a 600V electrical signal through my body and brain. The man sees things that mere mortals don’t see.

The images below are from our last session towards the end of August. Since Pat was going through a dose of renovation hell and neither of us wanted to deal with Montreal traffic, we took to taking images in my hotel room at the Manoir Rouville-Campbell. What can I say, with Pat’s magic touch even his shoes are interesting.