Beautiful ugly beach. That pretty much sums it up.

These are images from my recent visit in Mount Saint Hillaire, Quebec visiting with Patrick Laroque. After we took pictures of anything and everything in my hotel room that might be interesting, we ventured off to a nearby beach where Pat launches his kayak.

The task was to get close. Pat provided his Fuji XF60 F2.4 lens, a lens I’ve not used before. The light was not very cooperative and to be frank, I couldn’t really get comfortable with the focal length or the subject matter. The beach was also fairly rocky and as I was wearing my Birkenstock’s I was fearful that I’d loose my balance and find my ankle facing a new and unattractive angle (something I’ve regrettably done before).

Yet I’m rather pleased with these images. They are quite unlike anything I’ve done before. I can’t say whether I feel compelled to run out and buy this lens, but it was a lesson well learned. Something about when life gives you lemons I think.