There’s lots of special places in this world, this post is about a special place called Quest University. Never heard of it? Join the club, not many have.

For the last four years my eldest son Maximilian has called Quest U home. Nestled in the foothills of Squamish, British Columbia, this is a special place indeed. Of course the surrounding mountainside and gorgeous architecture have something to do with it. But there’s more. Much more.

As a parent, you can only hope that your child will go to University and come back a man (or a women). I know that sounds a bit rich, but I’ve witnessed a transformation that was both breathtaking and beautiful.

Along the way Max figured out how to survive on his own; how to shop for food and cook (why ruin the nice story, so we won’t mention cleaning ;) but mostly how to survive on his own in the thousand little ways that requires.

So this story is about that, but it’s also about his education. About the mind expanding nature of a good old liberal art’s curriculum. I believe he’s the better person for it… job opportunities be damned (which by the way he’s done quite well with so far landing a two year Masters degree at the University of Waterloo in Mathematics along with a summertime internship with autonomoose).

But this story has many layers and maybe the best one of them all is about Three Friends. Maximilian, Claire and Kristophe. Three kids from three very different places (Toronto, ON, Breckenridge, CO, Hearst, ON) and backgrounds. Yet they came together at this special place to form a unique bond, living together for the last three years and becoming the very best of friends. I believe lifelong friends.

And finally this story is about the three friends and their incredible families, coming together over a few days in May to celebrate. To acknowledge their triumphs… to take their victory lap, because that’s what it was.

So a very big and hearty congratulations to these three awesome young people. And a very special thank you to Quest University for creating this magical kingdom that nurtured and cared for our children. We are in your debt.






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