It seems like yesterday we were saying goodbye to The Waldorf Academy and middle school. By the end of June, we'll no longer have kids in high school either. It's a bit of a coming of age thing.

The Abelard is a tiny smidgeon of a school located in downtown Toronto. About 60 kids in total. Our oldest, Maximilian went there for two years and our youngest, Solomon will soon be completing his fourth and final year.

The pictures in this story were taken last week during the fundraising event at The Faculty Club at the University of Toronto. For the last four years we've attended this event, bid on stuff and trips that we didn't really need, all for the cause of raising money. The lifeblood of any small, independent school is it's fundraising. So while we may not have really needed some of the things we bid on and occasionally won in the silent auction (a weekend skiing at Blue Mountain... really?), The Abelard was the beneficiary. And a very worthwhile cause.






But a highlight of the yearly fundraiser is to watch these talented kids perform and entertain. What an amazing group of young people. We listened to Broadway show hits being belted out, piano waltzes and violin solos. An eclectic range of acts, all done with enthusiasm and confidence.

And with this, one of our final school events as the end of high school nears, I cant' help but feel sentimental. There's something that will be missing with the passage of these years. We may look back with a tearful eye. Simple times. Happy days. Next year, I might need to crash a fundraiser just to bid on some things I don't really need.