And now for some color images.

Something just felt right about doing the first part of the renovation story in black and white. All that tearing down and emptiness just lent itself to a black and white vibe. And when I look back at my original shots, I realize there were days when I simply fixed my camera to jpg black and white and left it there. Outside it was typical grey and bleak fall weather and I probably had an hour long drive to get back to where we were staying and color just wasn’t in the cards.

But there were other days when the feeling was all color and the images below are from some of those days. This was a six month journey after all and there were lots and lots of visits back to our home.

The days with the sun shining in, there was real beauty in the chaos.

Perhaps I’ve left color for the second part of the story because there’s more hope in color. If a tearing down is black and white the rebirth should be in color. Or something like that.

In any case, after two years sitting on these images (and many hundreds more) it feels like the renovation project is now officially completed. It’s no longer haunting me from my hard drive to let it have its final breath. Finito.






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